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ইতিহাস ও কার্যাবলি


The Quality Control Laboratory, Dhaka (QLD) is a government laboratory under the Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh within administrative control of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Bangladesh. The Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) is the chief executive of the laboratory who is assisted by Quality Manager, two Technical Managers and several Analysts and other supporting staffs. The laboratory was first established as a part of Fish Inspection and Quality Control (FIQC), Dhaka under a Government of Bangladesh (GoB) funded project of Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock titled “Establishment of National Fish Inspection and Quality Control” in 1983. Afterwards it was been taken over in revenue budget of Department of Fisheries. In August 2015 it was separated from FIQC with the named Quality Control Laboratory, Dhaka. The primary objective was to analyse food safety hazards associated with exportable fish and fishery products and environmental samples related to fish production and processing establishments. Now it extends it’s scope in several area.


  • The office of FIQC, Dhaka established in 1980
  • Microbiology Laboratory established in the year 1994
  • Chemical Laboratory established  in 2006
  • Laboratory Accredited in 2013
  • Laboratory shifted to new building in November, 2014 and officially inaugurated in February 2015.
  • Laboratory Separated from Inspection in August 2015



The mission of QLD is to provide high quality and on-time testing services (through accrdited testing ISO 17025) and to meet the requirements and expectations of clients in an effective manner.


Quality Policy Statement

The objective of the Laboratory's management System is to ensure that its laboratory remains capable of satisfying the legitimate demands/needs of the customer. It endeavours to provide its customers with the highest possible quality of service. A quality management system has been established to assure the production of accurate laboratory results.

The QLD provides its customers with a service complying with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 International Standards "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories" for all tests.

QLD shall afford its customers every opportunity to discuss their specific requirements and are encouraged to visit the facility to view and discuss the tests and service.

The QLD management avail all available means like internal audit, quality control techniques and feedback from its clients to know the working and performance of the laboratory so as to ensure its commitments on its Quality Policy Statement.

QLD management ensures that staff are fully informed and consulted on all aspects of the management system and are aware of their responsibilities for effective implementation. Scientists working in the laboratory update themselves with the latest development on the subject they work, and keep themselves well-versed with the working procedures of the laboratory they are working with.

QLD management is committed to the development and improvement of services, processes and management systems, providing adequate resources for monitoring and review.


Quality Management System

  • Designated Quality Manager & Technical Managers
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Internal Audit
  • Participation in PT
  • Management Review
  • Accreditation


Quality Management Documents

  • Quality Manual
  • TMSOP- Test Method Standard Operating Procedure
  • SSOP- System Standard Operating Procedure
  • ASOP- Auxiliary Standard Operating Procedure
  • Instructions for Instruments
  • External Documents (rules, regulations, guidelines etc.)


Testing Services

  • Antibiotics
    • Nitrofuran Metabolites (Fish & Shrimp)
      • SEM
      • AOZ
      • AMOZ
      • AHD
    • Metronidazole (Fish & Shrimp)
    • Chloramphenicol (Fish, Shrimp & Fish Feed)
  • Dyes (Fish, Shrimp & Fish Feed)
    • Malachite green (MG)
    • Leucomalachite green (LMG)
    • Crystal Violet (CV)
    • Leucocrystal Violet (LCV)
  • Anthelmintics (Fish, Shrimp & Fish Feed)
    • Flubendazole
    • Mebendazole
    • Fenbendazole
  • Mycotoxin (Fish & Shrimp)
    • B1
    • B2
    • G1
    • G2
  • Heavy metals (Fish & Shrimp)
    • Mercury (Hg)
    • Lead (Pb)
    • Chromium (Cr)
    • Cadmium (Cd)
    • Arsenic (As)
  • Proximate Analysis (Fish Feed)
    • Protein
    • Fat
    • Fibre
    • Ash
    • Moisture
  • Non-protein Nitrogen (Fish Feed)
  • Bacteriological test (Fish, Shrimp, Fish Feed, Ice, Water & Swab)
    • Detection & Enumeration of Microorganisms by Colony Count Technique at 300C (APC/SPC)
    • Detection & Enumeration of Coliforms by MPN
    • Detection & Enumeration of E. coli by MPN
    • Detection of Salmonella
    • Detection of Vibrio spp.